What is a Micro Wedding?

It makes sense that the popularity of micro weddings has skyrocketed given that more and more people are choosing smaller, more private celebrations. A micro wedding, which should not be confused with a “minimony” or an elopement, usually comprises no more than 50 guests. They still include the same beloved customs that make the dayContinue reading “What is a Micro Wedding?”

Should You Hire a Wedding Coordinator/Planner?

You’re putting your budget together, you’re trying to decide what is important, what you can do without. And you’re probably wondering, should I hire a wedding coordinator/planner? Well…. Maybe. There are a lot of things that need to be done the day of your ceremony and A LOT of decisions. Plus things that need toContinue reading “Should You Hire a Wedding Coordinator/Planner?”

The 4 “F’s” of Weddings: Photography

Photos, outside of the actual marriage, are the only piece of your wedding day that lasts forever – you’ll want to be sure they capture these memories to last a lifetime.  So with so many different options out there, how do you make a good choice? First, consider your venue look/style. Your venue will beContinue reading “The 4 “F’s” of Weddings: Photography”

The 4 “F’s” of Weddings: Food

Let’s talk about FOOD The venue, food, and beverage costs usually make up a predominant part of your wedding day budget.  Keep this in mind when you put together your overall budget as you look for areas to save. So, what does it take to feed 100-150+ guests?  EXPERIENCE. Trust us, you don’t want toContinue reading “The 4 “F’s” of Weddings: Food”

The 4 “F’s” of Weddings: Florals

Let’s talk about FLORALS & COVID Flowers are usually one of the main decorative pieces in wedding and reception décor.  Did you know that the bridal bouquet dates back to antiquity where brides carried herbs and spices to help ward off bad spirits?  In Victorian times the floral bouquet was popularized.  Many believe that theContinue reading “The 4 “F’s” of Weddings: Florals”

Bad Weather Wedding Tips for Getting Married Outdoors

Are you having an outdoor ceremony and/or reception on your wedding day? Have you considered the impact inclement weather could have on this? Read below on questions to consider when visiting venues and be ready for anything with our bad weather wedding tips. If the weather does take a turn, you’ll want a quick turnaroundContinue reading “Bad Weather Wedding Tips for Getting Married Outdoors”

Should You Have a Holiday Weekend Wedding?

4 Questions to Ask Your Venue First Are you thinking about having your wedding during around a specific holiday?  It’s a great idea when family members will already be travelling and have time off from work, but did you know that holidays can mean different pricing and different hurdles to consider when booking a weddingContinue reading “Should You Have a Holiday Weekend Wedding?”

6 Things to Consider when Booking a Wedding Venue

How to Find Your Ideal Venue What is your wedding venue budget? Your budget will be a large focus as you plan your big day. Prior to considering venues, you should discuss what you plan to spend on your entire wedding including clothes, food, alcohol, flowers, photographer, cake and more. In most cases, booking theContinue reading “6 Things to Consider when Booking a Wedding Venue”

5 Things to Remember to Do on Your Wedding Day

Important Tips for a Stress-free Wedding After hosting many weddings at Cotton Gin No. 116, we’ve become very familiar with the different stressors that brides can feel. There are a lot of things to remember to do on your wedding day. With such a frenzy the day of, it can be easy to lose focusContinue reading “5 Things to Remember to Do on Your Wedding Day”