Best Month to Get Married in Texas

Now that you’re engaged, it’s time to start considering when your special day will take place. In the summer, when the weather is warm? Or maybe in the fall, when the temperatures have dropped and the leaves are falling. Deciding on the right time to have your wedding is not easy and requires careful consideration of various factors, which we’ll outline below.

Where to Get Married in Texas

A couple stands under the alter on their big day at Cotton Gin No. 116, a wedding venue in Brookshire, TX.

Choosing your ideal month to get married will depend on where you are getting married in Texas. The semi-arid & arid regions of the state become especially hot during the summer months and the sub-tropical areas can experience high humidity & heavy rainfall in that time. While the northern region is quite cold and even prone to snowfall in the winter.

Planning your matrimony month based on the wedding site can help you avoid potential day of issues.

Living in the Houston area means warm weather virtually all year long. Talk about a wedding planners dream, right!? Well, that also means the summer can be a bit too hot for an enjoyable outdoor wedding ceremony and there is also the risk of rain. Though the cool fall/winter months are blessing after summer heat, the average high of 63 ° in December might be colder than you’d like for your big day.

So, consider where your wedding will take place before worrying about when… though that’s obviously important too!

Determining the Best Season to Get Married

When you’ve locked in the area your wedding will be taking place, think about the seasons and how they change per region. East Texas remains pretty humid throughout much of the year, while West Texas experiences some pretty chilly summer evenings.

Texas Bluebonnets in full bloom for as far as the eye can see.

Looking for a specific photo op, like a field of beautiful Texas Bluebonnets? You’ve got a 6-week window with the peak season generally occurring in April. Think about every aspect of your wedding when determining the best season to get married.

Throughout all of Texas, each season has its wedding day pros and cons.

Fall Wedding

East Texas wedding venues in the subtropical region of the state are more geared towards autumnal weddings. September and October is the tail-end of the wet season but the temperatures are still on the warmer side. The humidity has often dropped, creating a lovely climate for an outdoor nuptial exchange. This time of year also sees the lowest risk of any severe weather randomly popping up and putting a dash on your big day.

Winter Wedding

A tree without leaves during a Texas winter.

January (no surprise!) is the coolest month throughout most of Texas. The panhandle region can receive over 18 inches of snow per year which can be ideal for those seeking a wintry wedding. Whereas the Gulf Coast has very mild winters which can make for a very affordable option for a wintertime “destination wedding” within the state. If you know your guests wouldn’t mind a little road trip, it could be a fun getaway. And with winter being the least popular season to get married in Texas, you might find some deals!

Spring Wedding

Though it starts to warm come springtime in Texas, the weather is still on the cooler side for a pleasant outdoor reception. With thunderstorms picking up in the spring, consider a venue with both indoor and outdoor settings to ensure the show goes on even if a flash rainstorm sweeps through the area. But always remember that there are things you cannot control when planning your wedding, and the weather is certainly a big one.

Summer Wedding

Texas sees most rainfall in the month of June and this is when the temperature really starts rising. July and August are almost completely off the table in some regions due to the heat. Nobody wants to be standing up for their vow exchange with beads of sweat running down their forehead or back. If choosing a summer month, September (yes, the first three weeks of the month are still summer) is going to be the safest bet. And there are still no guarantees that the heat won’t melt the fabulousness of your big day.

So, What is the Best Month for a Wedding in Texas?

October is one of the most popular months to get married in Texas. With the lovely mild weather, lower odds of rain and fewer tourists, we agree!

And if you have already set the date, booking an indoor/outdoor wedding venue will provide options when you get closer to the wedding day and the weather forecast is available.

Did you get married in Texas? If so, what month? Let us know in the comments below.

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